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As one of the first studios in Berlin, we are excited to present you the new core of our mission.

Mixes from the future, immersive experience and never ending possibilities. We believe Dolby Atmos is going to be the industry standard soon and we have a drive drive for innovation, which makes it the right formula to go for it.


We (coupled) with HEDD Audio and built a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 setup equipped with their MK2 speaker line. Marx Audio is the first immersive studio powered by HEDD sound system and it sounds incredible. 

Our setup contains of 3 fronts Type 30, 4 surrounds Type 20, 4 tops Type 05 and the freshly released HEDD Sub. 


From now on we provide Dolby Atmos mixes for music, film and other widely known formats. Nontheless, we are open for every innovative project, format or any sort of content coming from the same future as we are.


Let us transfer your music from a hill into a mountain range! 

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Digital with the hands-on analog approach. 

High quality mixes and industry standards are important and we know it. What makes us special however, ist the feeling, the blast of sound you are experiencing while listening to music. The wow effect is our ultimate mixing approach, therefore we work fast and efficient to grasp every tiny idea... and we simply love automations.


To make the most musical movements in the shortest time possible we use Avid S3 and Avid Dock controllers backed by the best quality plugins from UAD, Izotope, Waves ect. 

Sound Design
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Sound design is not only layering some sounds or making a fake fire. Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty, use a baseball bat, step into the mud or chase your dog for an hour to get the perfect bark.
Guess what.. we will gladly do that for you!

We produce all kinds of tones, sounds and audio atmospheres for your films, music, games, podcasts or presentations exactly as required.
Over the years, we have built up an extensive sound library corresponding to the top quality standards . Whether it’s going to be realistic or abstract, our studio and high-end equipment are ready for the adventure.


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Do you know how many albums have been recorded with only the Sure SM 57? Yes, we have it too.

But if you need something more distinctive we can offer you a variety of iconic microphones and pre-amps backed by some top notch converters. In our studio you will also find a few vintage synths, guitar amps and some analog effects. 

We also do voice recording for films. 

In collaboration with editors, producers, actors, narrators and voice-over artists, we reliably work out the right tone, the correct pronunciation and intonation.

Beyond technical perfection, we focus on your target audience and what you want to achieve with your production. We also direct and produce voice recordings independently if requested by our customers.


Even long-distance voice recording is not a problem: if your preferred voice-over artist can’t make it to our studio, there is the possibility of recording online via Session Link.

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Some say you need air and water to live. These are cool but not enough. The whole team lives to make music.

We are coming from different backgrounds, styles and genres, everyone plays different instruments and represents a different approach. Yet we always meet in the middle to make that guts-shaking production.

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We know: translating is not yet localizing. We have established a reliable network of brilliant editors, translators, voice-over artists and cutters, and we collaborate closely with experts of picture post production.

For years we have been adapting international documentaries for German audiences, e.g. films by the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and many other productions companies.

We always provide premium productions ready for broadcasting – always on time, even on a short notice.

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