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Meet the Team


Marc | CEO


The founder and guide of our journey in the world of music and audio, Marc has gathered extensive industry experience over a decades-spanning career. 

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Szymon | Dolby Atmos Engineer


Our resident expert Dolby Atmos mixing engineer, Szymon has delivered hundreds of mixes since the studio launched the Dolby Atmos service in 2020. 

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Robin | Project Manager


Working in a freelance capacity, Robin advises our team on Dolby Atmos projects, keeping our clients coming back for more. 

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David | Audio Engineer


The newest addition to our team, David works across our projects on audio post production and mixing.

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Artist Development & Publishing

At Marx Audio, we offer more than just a space to record. With our dedicated artist development service, we identify and nurture raw talent, transforming aspiring bedroom artists into successful projects. Our team utilises a blend of modern and vintage recording and production skills to bring out the best in your music, ensuring it reaches its full potential. Going one step further, we understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. That's why we handle all aspects of copyright protection, licensing, and the administrative tasks involved in registering your songs with organisations like GEMA. Trust us to provide a complete approach to your artistic journey, from creation to publication.


History & Future of Marx Audio

Some people are born to immerse themselves in the world of sound and music. Marc Elsner discovered his passion at the age of 15 when he completed his first internship at the Tennessee Tonstudio in his hometown of Hamburg. The experience left an indelible impression on him, solidifying his conviction that working in studios was his destined path in life.

Following his Abitur, Marc made the bold move to LA to spend a year honing his skills in studios and performing with bands. This invaluable experience confirmed his aspiration to work as a sound engineer while fuelling his desire to return to Europe and discover the melting pot of late 80s Berlin.

Marc arrived in the future Hauptstadt just in time for the opening of the Berlin SAE Institute. His natural curiosity and commitment to learning led him to pursue advanced studies in Sound Engineering, a decision that would prove fortuitous before the fall of The Wall.

In 1991, Marc established Multiple Noise Studio in Berlin, embarking on an exciting journey working on projects for renowned bands such as Die Haut, Mutter, and Mr Ed Jumps The Gun, among many others.

His involvement in the world of Film Production led Marc to join the Deutsche Dienst at the new Reuters office. Here, he thrived as a field journalist, learning the art of powerful storytelling, which eventually propelled him into the realm of documentary filmmaking. In the mid-90s, Marc contributed his sound design and mixing expertise to numerous projects, including countless collaborations with Zero Film Berlin.

In 2003, Marc and his partners founded Headroom Studios, with a vision of catering to both film and music clients. After nearly a decade of success, Marc felt the call to embark on his own solo venture. In 2011, Marx Audio was born.

From its inception, Marx Audio has collaborated with film and music clients, specialising in enhancing the storytelling elements of both mediums. Marc's extensive experience in the realm of 5.1 mixing for film and documentary sound naturally led him to become an early adopter of Dolby Atmos technology. In 2020, he proudly unveiled his first 7.1.4. Dolby Atmos system, featuring state-of-the-art HEDD Audio monitoring speakers.

Since then, Marx Audio has produced hundreds of Dolby Atmos mixes for a diverse range of high streaming artists. The studio's expertise extends to genres such as lo-fi beats, ambient music, sound for wellness, as well as to selected Pop and Hip-Hop projects from high-profile German artists. Naturally, in-house productions spanning rock, electronic music and beyond have insured a non-stop creative flow in the studio.

As we step into 2023, Marx Audio has undergone an exciting renovation, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome new friends and clients into this exceptional space.

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