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Dolby Atmos

At Marx Audio, we're proud to have worked with hundreds of artists on over 1500 tracks. Our Dolby Atmos mixes have generated hundreds of millions of streams, showcasing our ability to bring out the best in any kind of music. From cutting-edge electronic to heartfelt acoustic, we've worked on a wide range of genres and styles. Explore our portfolio today and hear the difference that Dolby Atmos mixing can make.

Mixed by Marx Audio on Apple Music

We believe that music is meant to be experienced in all its richness and depth. That's why we specialise in Dolby Atmos mixing services that take your music to the next level. Our process is simple but effective - we work closely with you to understand your creative vision, take up any revisions if needed, and expertly mix your music to perfection. Our team uses the latest technology to ensure the highest quality results, and we can export your mix in any format you need. Trust us to bring your music to life in immersive 3D sound.


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